the team that LEADS THE BOUT

Our training staff is unique. Each one of our staff-members are certified personal trainers, in addition to being certified special educators. They have experience working with children on the autism spectrum in both group and private settings.


Jessica Margulies

Childhood and Special Education Teacher
NASM Certified Personal Trainer
Certified Boxing Instructor

Jessica Margulies has been working with students on the Spectrum for over ten years. Prior to working for New York City Department of Education in District 75, where she currently teaches, Jessica has worked at Developmental Disabilities Institute and Manhattan Children Center. Her passion for children on the Spectrum help her create a engaging and motivational class for all students' needs. As the founder of The Spectrum Bout, Jessica thoughtfully develops classes that leave our champs coming back for more!



Rich is a lifelong athlete, longtime boxing enthusiast and a youth educator. A boxing instructor at before at Boxing for All, Work Train Fight, BoxFlow and the Quiet Punch, respectively. Among his many post as an educator Rich has served as the Program Coordinator for a Department of Mental Health & Hygiene program for special needs children ranging from ages 5-18.



Gizzel has been working with youth for over ten years. While pursuing her graduate degree in Mental Health Counseling, Gizzel worked as a Behavioral Specialist for youth on the spectrum - that is where love of this work began. Gizzel currently works with youth in a different capacity, focusing on Access to and Success in College.