What to Expect

Time to pick up those gloves and join The Spectrum Bout! The Bout is a program designed to provide children placed on the autism spectrum with a place to work on their socialization, communication, and organizational skills, through the sport of boxing. The program was founded by Jessica Margulies in 2016. We offer both group classes and private sessions. 


Each class starts with a 5 to 10 minute warm-up session to get the body loose and the heart pumping 
Stretching, Jumping Jacks, Push-ups, Squats, Jogging in Place 

Communication & Socialization Skills

Our private and group classes offer a collegial environment that encourages children to communicate with trainers and classmates
Assess communication levels in placement class, positive reinforcement in an engaging and supportive environment, use of visual supports to supplement auditory learning 

Boxing Techniques 

We promote physical fitness and teach discipline through the sport of boxing
Core punching techniques, including the six basic punches; proper body mechanics using focus mitts, sequencing rhythm and focus; proper boxing technique; body awareness and coordination techniques

Mental Benefits

The Spectrum Bout seeks to improve your child's confidence and their overall mental well-being
Emphasize inclusion and team-work in group classes; extreme focus through use of professional boxing equipment and coordinated drills; provide alternate channels of relieving stress, anger and aggression